Praise for the Happy Advisor

Stimulates Your Creative Thinking
“In having the continuing opportunity to speak to thousands of financial advisors every year, I find that they respond to positive ideas from someone they trust. William Smith’s book will stimulate your creative thinking, cause you to feel better about the challenges you confront and help you perform more effectively, while improving your results.”
—Art Mortell, author and motivational speaker.

A Must-Have for All Professionals
The Happy Advisor is a tool that all financial professionals must have in their arsenal. Bill Smith is a master storyteller and jumps inside the heads of those who are on the firing line every day. He offers solutions and guidance with his hard-hitting stories, and is uniquely qualified to do so because he began in the trenches about 30 years ago. When Bill says ‘I know you’ in the first chapter—he means it from his heart. As a successful

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wealth manager, Bill’s observations and advice to advisors and brokers are powerful and cut right to the underlying issues that they face in business every day. The Happy Advisor is a memorable and hands-on ‘read’ for new advisors right on up to C-level executives. Advisors will find themselves referring to Bill’s book for years to come.”
—Sydney LeBlanc, co-founder, Registered Rep magazine.

You’ll Be Better Off
“Bill Smith’s book is full of useful and practical ways to develop the crucial and important skills required to be a successful Financial Advisor. He shows us step by step how to literally achieve success in the financial services industry. Indeed it is the mother lode of our industry’s principles. I recommend you read this book. You will be better off for having done so.”

—Gene Ingargiola, former Senior Vice President Market Manager, Wachovia Securities

Sure to Lift Advisor Spirits
“I’ve been a Bill Smith fan for many years and I am thrilled he decided to write this book. His inspirational message and practical insights are sure to lift advisor spirits and client satisfaction. What makes Bill unique is his authenticity and ability to relate to the everyday challenges advisors face. Now more than ever, we need thought leaders like Bill Smith. Bravo! I am glad I know you.”
—Bob David, President of Bob David Live Inc.

A-Z Primer on Attitudinal Fitness
“I highly recommend The Happy Advisor if you want to be both happy AND successful. Author Bill Smith, a 30+ year veteran advisor, is in the trenches just like you, so he KNOWS what challenges you face. This is an ‘A to Z’ primer on attitudinal fitness for your Financial Advisor career that gives you the tactics he uses every day to stay positive, confident and focused, especially in a difficult market. It’s a ‘must own’ for your success library.”
—Jim “Da Coach” Rohrbach

Actionable Ideas for Positive Mental Diet
“The Happy Advisor is a must read for every advisor who is looking for solid success principals written by one of their own. Bill Smith has the unique ability to breakdown each idea and make it actionable today. Do yourself a huge service and add this book to your positive mental diet list.”
—Joe Lukacs, business coach and Bill Smith’s coach

An Unstoppable Mindset for Success
“Any FA can use Bill Smith’s proven approaches to reinvigorate their business. This unique book is a one-of-a kind resource you’ll reach for again and again. The sage advice and advisor-centric examples will get you out of any rut and give you an unstoppable mindset for success.”
—Edward Klink, business writer

Fresh Approaches for Overcoming Obstacles
“In the 15 plus years I have known Bill Smith, I have come to realize that he is not only a great financial advisor that truly understands his clients, but he also has a fantastic time while doing it. I wish I had owned a copy of this book and had his attitude when I was an advisor!”

—Tom A. Lewis Chief Executive Officer Realty Income (NYSE: O)

Truly an Indispensable Book
“Bill Smith offers essential wisdom for Advisors from an Advisor. For years, he has inspired, encouraged and challenged Advisors to build better practices, to find the fundamental happiness that comes from doing well and doing good. This truly is an indispensable book.”
—J. William G. Chettle Managing Director, Marketing & Communications, Loring Ward

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